01.7. Touch Input Setup for Mobile

Set up Pixel Streaming in your own project - Core Settings
In order to have functional Touch input when interacting with the Pixel Stream on a touch enabled device, you will need to enable the following touch related settings.
  • Select Edit > Project Settings > Engine > Input, and tick 'Enable Gesture Recognizer’.
Note: 'Enable Gesture Recognizer’ will allow your application to react to common touch functions such as 'Pinch to zoom' or 'Swipe'. If you are using the 'BP_Arcware_Pawn' from the Arcware Pixel Streaming Template Project then this setting is required for 'Pinch to Zoom' function to work correctly.
  • Now open your 'Player Controller' blueprint and in the Details panel tick 'Enable Touch Events'
Enable Touch Events - Player Controller
Once you have enabled those touch settings, you can now add the blueprint functionality reponsible for controlling the touch input events. We recommend downloading the 'BP_Arcware_Pawn' from the Arcware Pixel Streaming Template Project. In the Pawn there are existing blueprint functions for 'Camera Rotation With Touch' or 'Zooming with the Touch Pinch Gesture'. The touch blueprint functions could be copied to your own Player Pawn blueprint or you can instantly use the 'BP_Arcware_Pawn' in your project with little setup required.
Warning: Please be aware... if you have set up Touch Events in your Unreal Engine project you also need to enable 'Touch capability' for the uploaded application in the CloudRT user portal (see screenshot below).