Video Element

The video element is created and managed by the ArcwareApplication instance, which is responsible for playing the video stream.


Initialize your ArcwarePixelStreaming instance and create an ArcwareApplication instance as follows, or use the ArcwareInit method to initialize all you need in a single call.

const config = new ArcwareConfig({ /** ... */ });
const pixelStreaming = new ArcwarePixelStreaming(config);
const application = new ArcwareApplication({ stream: pixelStreaming });
// or
const { Application } = ArcwareInit(/** ... */);

Embedding the Video

After creating the ArcwareApplication instance, append the video element to the stream container:

const container = document.querySelector(`#${containerId}`);
if (!container) throw new Error("Container is undefined.");

// Append the root element of the application to the container

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