Template Overview

Using the Arcware Pixel Streaming Template Project

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Unreal Engine Versions: UE4.27.2 - 18319896 UE5.1.1 - 23901901 UE5.2.1 - 26001984 UE5.3.2 - 29314046 Project Base: - Created from a blank 'Automotive/Product Design/Manufactoring' template - No Starter Content - Automotive Material Pack (Used for Arcware Cloud Cube asset, can be deleted)

Plugins Enabled

- Default Unreal Engine plugins (based on a blank 'Automotive/Product...' template project) - Pixel Streaming plugin

Project Settings Enabled

- Use fixed frame rate = True - Fixed frame rate = 30 fps

- Ray Lighting Mode (UE5) = Hit Lighting for Reflections - High Quality Translucency Reflections (UE5) = True

- Default Viewport Mouse Capture Mode = Capture Permanently Including Initial Mouse Down - Set 'Default Viewport Mouse Lock Mode = Do Not Lock (this value Is overwritten if using the 'BP_Arcware_HUD_Visible_Mouse')

- Default GameMode = BP_Arcware_GameMode

- Enable Gesture Recognizer = True (needed for Pinch to zoom to work. Although this is currently not relevant as 'Pinch' gesture doesnt work on IOS devices)

- Default RHI = DirectX 12 (12 is recommended)

Player Input

- 'Actions' Folder = (All input key bindings needed for camera movement) - 'Arcware_InputMappingContext' = (Input mapping used for EnhancedInput system)

Console Commands Enabled

- PixelStreaming.WebRTC.DisableResolutionChange 0 (only relevant for UE4.27) - r.setres 1920x1080w

Arcware Specific Assets in the Project

- BP_Arcware_GameMode ( this GameMode contains the reference to BP_Arcware_Pawn and BP_Arcware_Player_Controller ) - BP_Arcware_Pawn ( this Pawn is used for controlling the player camera. All of the settings you will need related to camera movement speed/zooming/panning etc, are editable in the Pawn actor's detail panel, meaning you can tweak the camera movement style without needing to open the blueprint ) - BP_Arcware_Player_Controller ( this Player Controller contains blueprint nodes for handling the Pixel Streaming events/responses. This is where you can send/receive json messages from the Web browser to trigger events in Unreal Engine ) - BP_Arcware_HUD_Hidden_Mouse ( this HUD should be used when your pixel stream has UI provided via the web-browser. In this scenario, you don't need to click any UI in the game so you don't need to show the in-game mouse cursor ) - BP_Arcware_HUD_Visible_Mouse ( this HUD should be used when your pixel stream has in-game UI. In this scenario, the user needs to interact with the in-game UI so the in-game mouse cursor must be visible. When this HUD is used it provides an example of in-game UI, which shows the most useful functionality for the in-game mouse, such as, only showing the mouse cursor when the menu is open )

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