02.2 Playing Media files

Set up Pixel Streaming in your own project - Optional Settings

In Unreal Engine 5.1 the quickist way to get your media/video files playing is: - Import your video into a 'File Media Source' asset in the Content Browser (with file path to video in ''Game...''/Content/Movies/) - Drag the 'File Media Source' asset into the viewport, this will automatically create a 'Media Plate' actor. - The 'Media Plate' actor can be controlled via blueprints. Using this actor removes the need to create individual 'Media Player/textures/materials' for each unique video imported. The actor makes audio playback easier as well, as the audio component is already implemented in the BP. - Done

Warning: Only AVI and H.264 file formats are supported, with Audio embedded as AAC (ISO/IEC 14496-3)

Note: If you find that your Media files still do not play properly, please alternately try with the 'Electra' media player plugin (available by default.

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