01.6. Mouse

Set up Pixel Streaming in your own project - Core Settings
Step 1. Hide in-game Mouse cursor When streaming your application you may notice two mouse cursors active on the screen, that's because an additional mouse cursor is provided from within the Unreal Application, this is not necessary however as we use the native mouse cursor from your device. To hide the additional mouse cursor, you can add these following nodes to one of your blueprints in your project (again we recommend your 'Player Controller')
  • Add a 'Create Widget' blueprint node with 'Hidden Cursor' selected as the 'Class'
  • Next add a 'Set Mouse Cursor Widget' node with 'Default' selected as the 'Cursor'
It is NOT recommended to hide the additional mouse cursor by disabling it directly in PixelStreaming plugin settings in... Project Settings/Pixel Streaming/. Disabling 'Mouse Always Attached' stops the user from being able to do double clicks during streaming.
Step 2. Set these following settings under input mode in the Project Settings
  • Navigate to Edit > Project Settings > Engine > Input
  • Set 'Default Viewport Mouse Capture Mode' = 'Capture During Mouse Down'
  • Set 'Default Viewport Mouse Lock Mode' = 'Do Not Lock' (this depends on your project needs)
Note: These are only recommended settings and may not suit your project needs. We use these settings so that the mouse is not locked in the stream window and the mouse is then able to click elements in the surrounding HTML page without having to press the 'escape' key to leave the stream window first