👑10. Add-ons

Arcware Cloud user portal - Getting Started

Note: This section is only relevant if you have a Core/Custom plan

If you have upgraded your Trial plan to either Core or Custom, you will then have access to the Add-ons tab. In the Add-ons tab you can access:


  1. Marketplace for Add-ons: In here you will find a selection of Add-ons that you can purchase for your tenant. The Add-ons are being created based on customer feedback and features that we believe will enhance your development process or streaming experience. Check back here for further additions in the future.

How to purchase an Add-on:

  1. To purchase an Add-on for your plan simply click on the desired Add-on.

  1. Choose either Monthly or Annually payment recurrency.

  2. Click 'Subscribe now'.

  1. Give the Add-on a name (name is intended for your organizational purposes only)

  2. Then Click 'Create' to finalize the purchase. After this step the Add-on will be active for your plan.

  1. You can now observe and manage your new Add-on in the 'Manage Subscriptions' tab.

Manage Subscriptions

In the Manage Subscriptions tab you will find the overview of your paid plans and the Add-ons associated with your plans. Add-ons bought in the Marketplace will appear here next to your plan.

  1. Core Plan: This is the summary of the subscription plan.

  2. Concurrency: This is the summary of the stream concurrency Add-on that comes as a standard with your Core plan package.

  3. Renewal Date: A reminder of the date you will be billed for automatically renewing this plan.

  4. Plan Cost: This is the amount you pay for this individual plan.

  5. Terminate Subscription: This is where you can terminate this individual plan. You will still receive the benefits of the plan until the expiry date is reached.

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