02.4. Arcware HUD

Using the Arcware Pixel Streaming Template Project - Getting Started - Arcware Blueprints

Name: BP_Arcware_HUD_Hidden_Mouse / BP_Arcware_HUD_Visible_Mouse Location: Content/Arcware_Functionality/HUD/BP_Arcware_HUD_Hidden_Mouse.uasset Use: These two HUD's are presets for how the in-game mouse behaves.

'BP_Arcware_HUD_Hidden_Mouse' This HUD should be used when your pixel stream has UI provided via the web-browser. In this scenario, you don't need to click any UI in the game so you don't need to show the in-game mouse cursor. 'BP_Arcware_HUD_Visible_Mouse' This HUD should be used when your pixel stream has in-game UI. In this scenario, the user needs to interact with the in-game UI so the in-game mouse cursor must be visible. When this HUD is used it provides an example of in-game UI, which shows the most useful functionality for the in-game mouse, such as, only showing the mouse cursor when the menu is open.

The UI asset used in the HUD is called 'Arcware_UI', you can open it to repurpose the Mouse/UI logic however necessary for your own project.

The desired HUD can be assigned in the GameMode.

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