02.3.2 Set Collision Channels

Using the Arcware Pixel Streaming Template Project - Getting Started - Arcware Blueprints - Arcware Pawn

In the BP_Arcware_Pawn there are 3 different collision settings to be aware of... 1) Collision Channel for DOF: If you are using the setting 'Camera Depth of Field Method = Automatic_Depth_of_Field' ...

... Then you need to be aware of the Collision Channel that's being used to update the Auto depth of field. In it's default set up, any mesh with the 'Visibility' collision channel set to 'block' will react to the Automatic depth of field.

2) Spring Arm Collision Channel: if you are using the 'Orbit Movement Mode' then a Spring Arm component is being used to rotate the camera around the focus point. If 'Spring Arm Should Collide With Objects?' is enabled...

... then the Spring Arm component has in-built logic for handling collisions. With the 'Spring Arm Collision Channel' setting, we can specify a collision channel that will be used to stop the player camera. (useful when you want to stop the user from orbiting through the floor/walls)

3) Collision Types For Pivot Change: Setting these collision object types, means that you can move the camera pivot point (teleporting) to meshes that are set to 'block' those collision object types.

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