01. Template download

Using the Arcware Pixel Streaming Template Project - Getting Started

The current version of the template is available under the following download link. It will be updated on regular basis, a changelog will follow in the future.

Latest update: 28.02.2024

Current Versions: UE4.27.2 - 18319896 Known issue: Zoom on mobile currently doesn't work with this engine version. UE5.1.1 - 23901901 UE5.2.1 - 25360045 UE5.3.2 - 29314046

Download link:

Changelog: 28.02.2024 On the 'BP_Arcware_Pawn' - Exposed the option to disable camera panning movement (Middle Mouse Button) - Exposed the Aperture values used for the automatic Depth of Field, so you can choose how strong the depth of field is based on the distance of the camera from the subject. 16.10.2023 - After the last upload of UE5.2 and UE5.3 we forgot to re-enable 'Use Fixed Frame Rate' in the Project Settings, so now it's enabled again. (it's not compulsory to have it enabled, but we recommend it for performance gain) 19.09.2023 - Fixed bug: Not possible to move character when starting game in 'Walk' movement mode 14.09.2023 - Added preset logic for setting desired Mouse behavior, typically the user should hide the in-game mouse when using frontend UI and should show the in-game mouse when using in-game UI. Therefor we have provided two HUD's to switch between... 'BP_Arcware_HUD_Hidden_Mouse' and 'BP_Arcware_HUD_Visible_Mouse' 11.09.2023 - Updated project to 5.3.0 24.08.2023 - Added 'Play Sound' button for testing in-game audio (audio thats not played from a video) - Tweaked 'Camera shake' functionality in Pawn (previously before fix, over a long time of the application running you will end up in the floor, because of the camera shake) - Added 'PixelStreamingAudio' component to BP_Arcware_Player_Controller, in preparation for testing/supporting microphone input. 25.07.2023 - Moved Camera and Collision Capsule down on Z axis inside Player pawn blueprint, because the camera height was the correct human height for Walk mode, but not the correct height for the center of the Orbit mode. - Fixed: camera goes through floor when 'Resetting Camera' in Walk mode 24/07/2023 - Disabled 'Is Focusable' from all buttons in Arcware_UI. If it's enabled and the user clicks a button then the Tab key (for closing UI Menu) is passed through UI instead of through Player controller. 17/07/2023 - Converted legacy Input bindings to new 'Enhanced Input' system. This change now means that the Input bindings are no longer contained in the Project Settings but instead in the Content > Arcware_Functionality > Input folder in the content browser. (this conversion happened because the old input method will be deprecated soon) - Now added 'Arcware_UI' to project. This UI can be deleted if not needed, it's used to demonstrate how the different Mouse settings can be used to achieve various Mouse interaction styles while streaming. 27/06/2023 - Changed 'console' json message event in BP_Arcware_Player_Controller to only trigger with 'Setres...' commands. Due to the fact that having all console commands triggerable in your application is not usually desirable, we reduced the blueprint logic to only accept 'Setres....' console commands, which is the minimum needed by the Arcware WebSDK to change your resolution dynamically. 23/06/2023 - BP_Arcware_Pawn now has new camera movement preset 'Walk' mode. Shift to run, space to jump - Exposed additional parameters in BP_Arcware_Pawn to change movement values for each mode, rather than one set of parameters for all movements modes. - Added movement mode dropdown button to in-game UI, allowing user to swap movement modes freely during runtime. 22/06/2023 - Made 'Orbit Mode' default navigation method - Set rotation clamps to be full 360° , by default

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