Migration from @arcware/webrtc-plugin


The @arcware-cloud/pixelstreaming-websdk package is an advanced, feature-rich library for integrating Unreal Engine's Pixel Streaming technology into web applications. It offers a more streamlined and flexible approach compared to the older @arcware/webrtc-plugin package.

Key Differences

  1. Package Scope and Features:

    • @arcware/webrtc-plugin primarily focuses on establishing WebRTC connections.

    • @arcware-cloud/pixelstreaming-websdk extends functionality to include full Pixel Streaming integration, offering a more comprehensive set of tools for interaction with Unreal Engine applications.

  2. API Design:

    • The new package offers a more modern, modular API design, making it easier to integrate and scale with web applications.

  3. Performance and Optimization:

    • Enhanced performance optimizations are present in the new package, ensuring smoother streaming and interaction experiences.


Replace the old package with the new one in your project:

npm uninstall @arcware/webrtc-plugin
npm install @arcware-cloud/pixelstreaming-websdk

Basic Usage Changes


  • Old package:

    import { WebRTC } from '@arcware/webrtc-plugin';
    const webrtc = new WebRTC(config);
  • New package:

    import { ArcwareInit } from '@arcware-cloud/pixelstreaming-websdk';
    const { Application } = ArcwareInit(config);


  • The configuration object structure may have changed. Review the new package's documentation for the updated configuration format.


Event Handling:

  • Update event handling according to the new API documentation. The new package likely offers more events and a different way to handle them.

Events handlers

Customization and Advanced Features:

  • Explore additional features like UI customization, advanced streaming settings, and interaction options provided by the new package.

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After integrating the new package, thoroughly test your application to ensure all functionalities work as expected. Pay special attention to:

  • Connection stability and video quality.

  • Interaction latency and responsiveness.

  • Compatibility across different browsers and devices.


Migrating to @arcware-cloud/pixelstreaming-websdk provides access to improved features and performance optimizations for Unreal Engine's Pixel Streaming in web applications. The migration process involves updating package dependencies, refactoring code to match the new API, and thorough testing to ensure seamless integration.

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