For those, familiar with EpicGames' PixelStreamingInfrastructure SDK, the Settings-Menu will seem pretty empty.

The reason for this is, that some of the settings simply make no sense with the Infrastructure Arcware CloudRT provides. To reduce confusing of buttons and switches that are not having any effect, we striped down the Menu to the essentials.

Additionally we added a debug option that might be relevant for one or the other developer:

Disable SessionId

This property will add a URL-Parameter to disable the Session Module of the WebSDK.

Without the session module, each refresh will request a new Instance to be started with Arcware CloudRT.

Therefore it's more likely to face the maximum concurrency limit, as any instance will be kept alive for some additional time, to allow for page-refreshing without losing your state.

Please use with caution.


By the initialization parameters, you can enable or disable the Info-Button, usually for a production setup you would like to have it disabled.

But what if you want to check something in your productive setup? In theory, you'd have to change your implementation, deploy and use the button ...

We got you coverd: Add this query-string to your url: ?i to enable the Info-Button at any time. (Reload required.)

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