02.3.3 Add new camera views

Using the Arcware Pixel Streaming Template Project - Getting Started - Arcware Blueprints - Arcware Pawn

In the BP_Arcware_Pawn there is the possibility to create preset camera views. There are already two place-holder camera views added in the Pawn, these two existing views are already incorporated in the Pixel Stream logic in the BP_Arcware_Player_Controller and the views can be tested by pressing '2' on the keyboard. If you wish to add more camera views to the list please follow the guide below...

Info: The guide below demonstrates adding new views for the 'Orbit Movement Mode', however the process is the same to add views to the 'Fly Movement Mode' as well. Orbit Mode = Uses an Empty Actor to behave as the pivot point to orbit around Fly Mode = Uses a Camera Actor to behave as a specific camera location

1) Duplicate the actor in the Outliner called 'Orbit_Mode_Pivot_...' and then set the desired location and rotation of this actor. (this transform will be used as the start position for this individual view) 2) Add a new index to the 'Camera View - Orbit Mode Positions Array' , and then assign your newly duplicated 'Orbit_Mode_Pivot_...' actor to this index. 3) Add a new index to the 'Camera View - Orbit Mode - Zoom Min Array' , and enter a desired value. 4) Add a new index to the 'Camera View - Orbit Mode - Zoom Max Array' , and enter a desired value. -- Guide Complete -- You will notice there are more settings available for each camera view (such as 'Rotation Clamps'), but the guide is just to demonstrate a small scale example of adding a new camera view. With the example in the screenshot above, it should be understandable that Camera View 01 ('Orbit_Mode_Pivot_01') has a minimum zoom of 30 and a maximum zoom of 500.

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