02.2.2. Creating and Testing Your Own Events

Using the Arcware Pixel Streaming Template Project - Getting Started - Arcware Blueprints - Arcware Player Controller

The existing Blueprint nodes in the Player Controller already allow you to Intercept some common Json messages, such as triggering Console Commands or changing camera views. It also provides example events that you can modify to create your own logic, as well as keyboard bindings for simulating custom Json messages being received.

1) Console Command Event Use: Logic for triggering Console Commands (typically you will always want the Console Command logics in your project as they are needed for features such as 'Dynamic Resolution Change' to work) Keyboard Shortcut: 1 Json String:

{ "console": "r.setres 1920x1080w" }

2) Change Camera View Event Use: Triggers an event inside the 'BP_Arcware_Pawn' that changes the players camera view Keyboard Shortcut: 2 Json String:

{ "camera_view": "cam_01" }

3) Example Event - two events being triggered from a single Json Message Use: An example to show how a Json message with a single 'Key' but two embedded 'Values' can be utilised. Triggers two events that both print a string to the log. Keyboard Shortcut: 3 Json String:

{ "trigger_events": { "event_01": "example_value_01", "event_02": "example_value_02" }}

4) Example Event - all events triggered from a group of Json Messages embedded in one object Use: An example to show how you could send all Json messages to Unreal Engine in one Json object string. This could be useful if you want to send a whole configuration list at once. Keyboard Shortcut: 4 Json String:

{ "console": "r.setres 1920x1080w", "camera_view": "cam_01", "trigger_events": { "event_01": "example_value_01", "event_02": "example_value_02" }}

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