02.1. Arcware GameMode

Using the Arcware Pixel Streaming Template Project - Getting Started - Arcware Blueprints

Name: BP_Arcware_GameMode Location: Content/Arcware_Functionality/Blueprints/Gamemode/BP_Arcware_Game_Mode.uasset Use: The GameMode is where you set which blueprint classes to use for your core game functionality. Core game class's are for example the 'Player Pawn' and 'Player Controller'. You will notice in our GameMode that the 'BP_Arcware_Pawn' and 'BP_Arcware_Player_Controller' are already set. You can change the classes used in the GameMode by simply opening up the GameMode asset and selecting a new Blueprint class from the drop down lists.

If for example you want to use your own Player Pawn Blueprint, then you would also need to delete the 'BP_Arcware_Pawn' actor from the 'Outliner'.

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