04. Creating your first project

Arcware Cloud user portal - Getting Started

Once you have set up your tenant, you can now create a project.

Note: Please keep in mind that 'Trial' subscription plans only allow for one project to be created

You can create new projects in the 'Projects' tab. Simply click 'Create a new project' and then If you have multiple subscription plan types active for your tenant, you will be able to choose which plan to assign to this new project. If you only have one subscription plan, you won't see any plan options to choose from (as seen in the image below).

When you have created a new project, it can then be edited anytime in the 'Projects' tab.

You will also notice, that when you have created your first project, your Trial plan 'Minutes Used' and 'Expiration Date' reminders are now active in the bottom left of the screen.

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