01. AFK Module - User inactivity

Arcware Cloud user portal - Advanced Settings

1. Description

The AFK (away from keyboard) module is used for controlling the behaviour of user inactivity. It is located in Arcware's WebRTC Player and thus tracked and controlled in the browser.

Nevertheless, there are three locations from where the WebRTC player can source the AFK settings.

  1. Property settings directly in frontend

  2. Project settings on platform

  3. ShareID from platform

If there are no settings in any of the three locations, then no user inactivity is tracked and if someone leaves the stream open in the browser it will continue running until it hits the limit of "maximum instance run-time".

Regardless of the settings of AFK module, if the "maximum instance run-time" kicks in, the session will be forcefully disconnected from the platform side. Please see the section on "maximum instance run-time"

2. Properties

  • Overwrite afk-module (Only for options in project settings and ShareID)

  • Enable timeouts

    • Warn timeout

    • Error timeout

    • Action timeout

The "overwrite afk-module" option governs if the settings made in either project settings or share ID should overwrite the settings made in frontend, regardless if they are event present there or not. Whereas the ShareID would on top overwrite the values set in project settings.

Priority => ShareID Settings -> Project Settings -> Frontend Settings

if none are present, no user inactivity is tracked

The "Enable timeouts" will tell the frontend module if user inactivity should be tracked or not. This way one can forcefully disable / enable tracking of user inactivity on frontend, regardless of all the settings made there. If "Enable timeouts" is set to true, then frontend will track user inactivity in three stages: Warn, Error, Action. The time set always goes on top of the previous stage.

"Warn timeout" is the time of user inactivity until the player shows a message to warn about the inactivity.

"Error timeout" is the time after the warning appeared until an error message is shown for user inactivity

"Action timeout" is the time the error message stays active on the screen and how long finally should be waited for a call to action of the user to interact with the stream to stop the user inactivity. When the action timeout is finally expired, the frontend will close the connection.

The total time from last user Action to closure of the session is the sum in seconds set up in all three stages.

3. Defaults

When working with the WebSDK, no defaults are set for the AFK module. The frontend developer is responsible on their own to set up values.

When previewing the project via the Arcware platform or with a ShareID link, if no custom AFK values are set, then the defaults AFK values are imposed by Arcware. The AFK module is active with following default values:

  • Warn: 600

  • Error: 60

  • Active: 10

Recommendation: Enable the AFK-module in project settings and control the behaviour for user inactivity in accordance with your needs.

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