08. Upgrade your Tenant

Arcware Cloud user portal - Getting Started

Step 01. Once you are logged into your account, select 'Upgrade Tenant' from the sidebar.

Step 02. Read/accept the Terms and Conditions, then click next... (the previously provided Tenant name will be automatically used)

Step 03. Fill in your billing information (the billing address you provide will be visible on all your future invoices).

Warning: Please be aware, once you click ''Add payment method'' your subscription upgrade will automatically trigger (this is because the next step 'Adding a payment method' is possible anytime after). Please also be aware, once you have triggered the subscription upgrade, your streaming projects will be automatically disabled until you enter your payment method.

Step 04. Lastly, fill in your payment information to complete the subscription upgrade.

Note: After choosing your new plan, you will see a notice in the bottom right corner of the screen reminding you that your plan is not active until you add a payment method.

Note: You can edit your payment information anytime from the 'Organization' tab. (Organization tab is only visible after upgrading your Trial subscription)

Note: Please be certain that the payment method you have provided is valid and reliable, if there is an issue processing payments with your preferred method then unfortunately all of your streams will become deactivated (until a valid payment method is provided).

Step 05. Once you have upgraded your subscription plan and added the payment method, go to the projects tab and 'Select Plan' for each of your existing projects, then re-enable your projects.

Note: at this moment in time, you will only have one plan available to choose from, in the future however there will be different types of plans to fit individual project requirements)

Finished... Enjoy your new subscription plan.

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