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Note: This guide assumes that you have purchased the Direct Flow Add-on. If you would like to learn how to purchase Add-ons for your plan, please read the '10. Add-ons' section...

With Direct Flow, you have the power to effortlessly link your local Unreal projects to Arcware Cloud. Using Direct Flow speeds up your development process, as it removes the need to upload your package to Arcware Cloud for testing. It also enables you to harness the full potential of your local machine for smooth, uninterrupted streaming.

Understanding Direct Flow's settings

  1. Direct Flow information: This information here shows you the name, license number and activation status of this specific Direct Flow.

  2. Project: Here you can select which one of your projects in Arcware Cloud you want to link this Direct Flow to. The project you select will provide the configuration for the Direct Flow stream, meaning you will use the settings from the chosen Arcware Cloud project, but the application from your local machine.

  3. Token: The token is a generated unique ID, which is present in the Share Link and Start Parameter, it's used to link your Unreal Project to Arcware Cloud. You have the possibility here to generate a new token if needed, but understandably, this will mean any previous connections you set up with this token are now invalid and you need to copy the Share Link and Start Parameter again. It would be a good practice to regenerate your Token after every time you share the Share Link with someone, as this will remove access for all users and prevent anyone from accidentally blocking your Direct Flow connection by using the link themselves.

  4. Share Link: Clicking this button will open your Direct Flow stream via a new tab in your web browser. The Share Link can be used to view your stream (as long as your Unreal Project/application is still running on your local machine).

  5. Preview Link: Clicking this button will open your Direct Flow stream as a preview window inside Arcware Cloud (only viewable by you)

  6. Copy Start Parameter: This will automatically copy the Start Pararemeter to your clipboard. The Start Parameter is what you will need to copy/paste into the 'Launch Parameters' of your Unreal project or your packaged Unreal application, to allow connection to Arcware Cloud. This parameter uses the previously mentioned 'Token', so naturally if you regenerate the Token you will need to copy the Start Parameter to Unreal again.

  7. Manage Subscription: Clicking this button will direct you to the Manage Subscriptions page, where you can view or make changes to your Direct Flow Add-on.

How to use Direct Flow:

  1. Click 'Add new Direct Flow' (you can of course use an existing Direct Flow instead)

  1. Give the Direct Flow a name

  2. Click 'Create Direct Flow'

  1. Click 'Copy Start Parameter'

  1. Open Share Link: Once you have pasted the Start Parameter into your Unreal project/application and it is launched/running, you can then open the Share Link belonging to the Direct Flow.

  1. Finished! Now you have successfully connected your local Unreal project to Arcware Cloud via DirectFlow.

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